With Sophie and Russel, a lovely Scottish couple we just met at the Little Earth Lodge in Whangarei, we decide to walk our way to the Whangarei Falls. It seems not to be this far, about one-hour walking passing through the AH Reed Memorial Kauri Park.

It seems not to be this far, about one-hour walking passing through the AH Reed Memorial Kauri Park.

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Selfies & waterfalls

On our way to the falls, we meet cows, sheep and flowers. This is the countryside around here. At the Park, we reach the lovely Pukenui Falls, and we almost died 42 times trying to make our way to the base thanks to the mud and the slippery rocks. I watch Russel, Sophie and Anais climbing the mud to reach the water level, up above, for my sense of balance is telling me it’s enough for the day (and what a wonderful idea to come here wearing a skirt, again when I thought about waterfalls I thought “lovely track” whereas in New Zealand it always means mud, dirt, and climbing something.)

I rather stay close to the ground

We walk our way through the Park, following the Canopy Walk through kauri trees, suspended bridges, and fields and finally reaching the Whangarei Falls, a 26,3 meters high waterfall with a picnic table waiting for us.

Silver Fern – Whangarei

The setting is perfect for a selfie session (or let’s say five) in front of the falls. We take our lunch, trying to befriend with ducks, and it’s already time to go back to the lodge, for Sophie and Russel planned to go to the Abbey Caves. We told them about our adventures there, and they decided to go as well.

Hatea River
The most awesome selfie of my life

Anais and I end up the day in Whangarei City. The day after, after a delightful lunch with Sophie and Russel, we’re already off to some more adventures.

What was supposed to be a one-night stop in Whangarei finally turned out to be a three-nights-stay in a lovely company in this little piece of heaven.

Whangarei, for true, we won’t forget about you!

Anais and her special gaze at the world


A.H Reed Memorial Park, Hatea River, Whangarei Falls, Whangarei, Northland

Little Earth Lodge (very best backpacker hostel in the world), 85 Abbey Caves Rd, Whangarei


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