Karaoke night in Japan

Karaoke in Japan is like a big institution. 

So, when Agata, my couchsurfing host, asked me for a karaoke night…

Well. I couldn’t say no.

(Lis cet article en français!)

Everyday PON

Actually, I did say NO at first. Because I’m not that much of a karaoke type of girl. You know I like to sing like there’s no tomorrow while listening to music, but it’s better if I’m alone and no one can hear me singing off-key. But on the other hand, I couldn’t miss this japanese kind of experience!

In Japan, when you go to the Karaoke with your friends, you actually have a whole room for yourself, a little cosy kind of iving room with sofas isolated from other people’s eyes and mostly other people’s ears. The drinking menus is like a novel, looks like japanese people needs to be a little bit drunk (like anybody else) to sing along. We have two mics and two pads where we can look for videos and launch a playlist. Lucky me, there are few songs in English!

Here we go for Call me Maybe and I want to break free!

I even try to sing the SailorMoon theme song and PonPon in japanese while Agata is trying to translate the lyrics for me.

Despite my bad sense of rythm and my incredibly goose voice, it turns out that karaoke is fun!


Time is even flying because our hour is almost over.

We have to leave if we don’t want to be charged for another hour!


10 best karaoke bars in Tokyo according to The Guardian


Karaoke night in Japan
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2 thoughts on “Karaoke night in Japan

  • 16 July 2015 at 2 h 35 min

    Que de bons souvenirs le karaoke ! 😉
    Tu n’as pas essayé de chanter en japonais ? :p

    • 16 July 2015 at 19 h 23 min

      Julie, j’ai juste réussi à fredonner PonPon haha


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